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Gamification for business.

Use Priiize scratch-offs for coupons, special offers and prizes giveaway promotions on mobile devices and websites. 

These scratch-offs are used by national and regional retailers for apparel and consumer packaged goods, top brands, online and offline services, casinos, sports bars, sports events, entertainment venues, restaurants, hospitality chains, colleges, banks, credit unions, sales rewards, trades shows, and events.

Sports Bar digital Scratch-Off Card generator
Retailer Virtual Scratch-Off Card generator
Software to Make Scratch-Off Coupons for Mobile Marketing.

Make Scratch-Off Coupons for Brand Marketing.


Each mobile scratch-off campaign allows for unlimited scratch-off gameplays, number of players, and prizes.

Turn your visitors into engaged customers.

Create scratch-off coupons for your mobile marketing and increase website traffic and foot traffic while increasing sales volumes.

Test Priiize for two weeks free.

Make and test live scratch-off campaigns free for two weeks. Test coupons and offers, observe customer engagements, and compare before and after-sales volumes. Then decide if this is a good fit for your customers.

Customers love playing virtual scratch off games on mobile.

How it works.

First, set up a campaign.
Create a campaign in the admin panel. Each campaign hosts as many scratch-off cards and prizes you set it to. And each campaign has its unique URL and QR Code to play the game.

Next, promote your campaigns’ unique URL and QR Code to customers to play.
Customers play your game by either clicking the unique URL or by scanning the unique QR code you provide them.

Post the unique URL on your website, text messages, e-newsletters, emails, banner ads, and social media.

Display the unique QR Code on in-store signage, displays, shelf-talkers, tags, exterior windows, website pages, text messaging, banner ads, newsletters, emails, social media, and CCTV.

Scratch-offs printed on paper card stock are still very popular. One company that is proficient at it is the Promo Printing Group. They offer a wide selection to choose from it this is the route you also want to take or do both, Priiize virtual scratch-offs and matching scratch off cards on card stock.